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Westie Cookie Cutters

| December 18, 2011

Westie Club General Funds – WHWTCSEM – Items in this category go to support our annual Specialty Show and other Club sponsored activities. They also support various charitable donations to things such as Westie Foundation and other groups who work to benefit the breed.  The picture below represents the Westie Cookie Cutter.   Westie Cookie […]

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Two Stars Are Born!

| December 14, 2011

A MOST SATISFYING ADVENTURE Fall 2010 My name is Mc Duff. I’m six years old. My friend, Theo, is ten. We’re Westies. Together last month (November 2010) we had a most satisfying adventure. We were “supers” in the production of La Boheme at the Michigan Opera Theatre in Detroit. It all started one Saturday when […]

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Fun Events

| September 8, 2011

We attend Fun Activities with our Westies.  Below you will see what we are speaking of. Our Westies Love It!

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Breeder Code of Ethics

| August 8, 2011

Breeder Code of Ethics The breeder shall at all times breed for the improvement of the West Highland White Terrier as exemplified by the AKC standard. The breeder shall only use for breeding adults which are of sound temperament and are free from hereditary defects. In addition, if a dog or bitch produces offspring with […]

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