| October 2, 2011

Our Club is dedicated to the best interests of the West Highland White Terrier Breed. This means many things including the safety of the dogs we sell or place in homes. Following are some items which we hope will help pet owners to ensure the safety of their Westies.

Disaster Plan
The AKC asks us to prepare a plan so that we might all be better prepared in case of emergency. In situations such as floods, storms, and other diasasters, we are all best protected if we have prepared for the situation ahead of time. The attached document will assist in this planning.

Dog Theft
Dog theft is all too common. Here are some ideas to protect your dogs from theft.

Westies cannot be allowed to run free outside of fenced areas.

I.D. Tags
I.D. tags and Emergency statements may help your dog in the event of an accident or other cause of unexpected separation.

We have seen microchips work and encourage everyone to chip their Westies and make sure the information registered to the chip is kept current.

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