Westie Rescue of Michigan

Our Club believes we have a responsiblity to all Westies including those who did not have the benefit of a good breeder standing behind them.  A good breeder will always take back any dog they bred at any time in their life.  But Westies who come from puppy mills and many backyard breeders or breeders who have lower standards, sometimes find themselves without a home and there is no one to fall back upon.  Westie Rescue is a branch of the Club charged with the job of providing a safety net for those Westies.  Westie Rescue of Michigan takes in these Westies, cares for them medically and then finds good homes for good Westies.  Westie Rescue tries very hard to place all the Westies who come into care but there are occasions when a Westie is sick and the prognosis does not allow for a quality of life.   These dogs are loved and cared for until a decision is made; then they are held and allowed to pass in the arms of someone they have come to trust.  Occasionally we find a dog that cannot be placed due to biting.  We do our best but we cannot place a dog who will bite adults.

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