ID/Crate Tag

We recommend a crate tag similar to that suggested below, be kept on each dog crate, especially if being used for transportation. A similar item might be kept in your car in case of accident.

IN CASE OF AN ACCIDENT, please notify _________________________________________ at PH: _______________________. In the event that I, ________________________________ am incapacitated and unable to make my wishes known re: my Westie dogs, ______________________________________, please honor the following requests:

Contact ____________________________ first; If not available then:

Contact one of the following: __________________________________ PH: ______________________________ __________________________________ PH: ______________________________ __________________________________ PH: ______________________________


If the dogs are not injured, they are to be cared for by one of the above parties or by the nearest reputable boarding kennel and be kept in the best possible manner until arrangements can be made to get them home.

If the dogs are injured, they are to be cared for by the nearest reputable veterinarian. I prefer my vet, VET: _______________________________ PH: ________________________________ re: decisions on the dogs care and treatment. If the dog is injured BEYOND ALL HOPE of recovery, they are to be humanely euthanized. In every case, the welfare of my dog is my primary consideration.