Emergency Plan

West Highland White Terrier Club of Southeastern Michigan
Emergency Plan be Prepared, Plan Ahead. Your pets are part of your family. In case of emergency evacuation, they are safest with you. Do not leave them behind. You may not be able to get back home as quickly as you anticipate.

Food for a week/per pet; bottled or local water you bottle yourself Food bowls Water bowl Leashes Collar or harness ON THE DOG with ID and cell phone information Proof of vaccinations, especially Rabies (be prepared in case you must board your pets at some point.) Dog licenses if appropriate Other medical records (spay/neuter, medical conditions) Portable kennel, not soft sided Pet bedding for the crate Heartworm prevention; flea and tick prevention All medications Small combination locks for crate doors Light grooming supplies (comb, brush, scissors) Appropriate similar supplies for cats, birds or other pets Written instructions on care of your pets in case you become sick or injured Poop bags for 2 weeks; paper towels; plain bleach* Doggie first aid kit and backup collar/harness and leash A photo of you with your dogs, written descriptions of each with distinguishing characteristics Toys to help them handle the stress Phone number of the Microchip registry you are using 16 drops of plain bleach per gallon of water can provide safe drinking water

Take your pets with you! Call ahead to hotel to verify the animals will be allowed. Don’t assume. Make reservations. (http://www.bringyourpet.com; http://www.petswelcom.com; http://www.pets-allowed-hotels.com) Let your relatives know where you will be. Designate a plan ahead of time in case you cannot communicate with them due to the emergency. Medication for at least 2 weeks Microchip your pets and make sure they are registered with accurate information. Put note on your door, “Evacuated with Pets” and a phone number if possible.

Make up the non-perishable parts of your emergency pack ahead of time and keep this list with it. As you add food, water, meds, etc., check off each item. Store this kit in an easily assessable place such as the trunk of your car.