Dog Theft

Every spring we start seeing warnings about dog theft. Please be aware that there are “professional” dog thieves who profit from stealing dogs and selling them. These people can be amazingly bold. They sometimes will actually go right into yards to take the dogs. We tend to get a bit “lazy” when we have a fenced yard and make it all to easy for these people.

Please put padlocks on your gates and keep an eye on your dogs when they are outside. If you see a strange vehicle in the neighborhood, be extra alert. It is best if you confine your dogs to the back of the house and out of obvious sight of the street. If you can double fence, it makes it much harder since the thief cannot simply bend over the fence and let the dog jump into their arms. If you don’t have a fence and are tying your dog out, it is even easier to take the dog.

Sad to say, there is a market for stolen dogs. There are people called “bunchers” who answer “free to a good home” ads and get dogs and puppies from other sources. They then sell these dogs to facilities who do product testing. These people are often not very honest about the source of the dogs they are reselling. (Nor are they necessarily honest when they answer the ads.) There are also people who will steal dogs to use them as bait in the process of training their dogs to fight. And, of course, there are always some kids who may open your gate just for fun.