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| December 18, 2011

Westie Club MI Fundraisers – WHWTCSEM

There are some other really nice items which you will love and will also provide funds to the Club.

Cafe Press – featuring the Club Logo 
Ebay Stores – The various fundraising items (excepting Cafe Press items) can also be purchased via Ebay

Please Note:
We would prefer you buy directly from us rather than using the Ebay stores since Ebay does charge a fee but if it is more convenient for you to go through Ebay, we have supplied a link to our stores.

Also, please check out our Shop and Benefit page. If you follow the link to the various merchants and place an order they will donate a portion of the revenue to our Club.


We have other fundraising items which help us support our efforts to educate the public and to rescue and place Westies in need.

Westie Rescue Fundraising  This includes many items such as garden flags,  kilts, mailing labels, belly bands and more.

Westie Education Fundraising  This includes garden flags and Cafe Press items.

We hope we can supply many of your Westie item needs.

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